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Or the black square as a modernized Russian icon, at once a holy object and a black hole, an abyss of meaninglessness or the plenitudinous Kaaba or "black box" that stands in Mecca at the vortex of pilgrimage.
A culture of liberty would indeed beget the raucous, plenitudinous hodgepodge McCarthy speaks of.
According to the fine-tuning argument, the existence of life-permitting conditions is more probable given the existence of a plenitude of dimensions than under the assumption that our world has only three dimensions; and since a plenitudinous hyperspace entails the existence of a vast number of regions, each with varying cosmic conditions, it makes the actuality of at least some life-favorable conditions far more probable.
Literature is for Blanchot based on language that perpetually and inevitably thwarts the desire for presence and plenitudinous meaning.
What these repeated negations of identity dramatize, in their elision of the seeing eye that must contemplate what is missing or invisible, is the impossibility of claiming an origin for the Self (or Other) within a tradition of representation that conceives of identity as the satisfaction of a totalizing, plenitudinous object of vision.