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[18] obtained near-zero estimates of the genetic correlation between days open and cow weight, which suggests lack of pleiotropic gene effects among weight and fertility of the cow.
This suggests that the negative association of traits with strength is not due to linkage, but due to pleiotropic gene action.
Pleiotropic gene effects are assumed to cause the correlation between two traits.
Genome-wide association of an integrated osteoporosis-related phenotype: Is there evidence for pleiotropic genes? J.
Psychiatrists should start conceptualizing DSM-5 disorders not as freestanding medical conditions but as syndromes--collections of inter-related clinical phenotypes resulting from pleiotropic genes. Given the extensive structural and neurochemical interconnectedness of brain cells, regions, and circuits, it is surprising that we have not approached psychiatric disorders in this fashion long ago, instead of falling in the trap of manufacturing artificially isolated mental disorders and then inventing the concept of "common comorbidity" to explain what we are seeing instead of seeking a genetic linkage between them.