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someone to whom a pledge is made or someone with whom something is deposited as a pledge

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However, possession by a pledgee was sufficient if the asset was a security.
Oddly, Judge Wade Brorby, Judge Baldock's colleague on the Tenth Circuit, implied that, if pledgees of stock obtain the right to dividends, they must do so in a transaction separate from the one creating an interest in the underlying stock.
The particular cause of conflict is the display the Gammas are making of breaking in eight baldheaded, sycophantic, slavelike pledgees, who are being led along, chain-gang style, on lashes.
In addition to the preceding paragraph, whenever necessary, the Company may provisionally fix a record date after giving a public notice according to a resolution of the Board of Directors and may deem the shareholders or pledgees who are listed or recorded in the last register of shareholders as of the record date, or holders of fractional shares who are listed or recorded in the last original register of fractional shares as of the record date, as the shareholders, registered pledgees or holders of fractional shares entitled to exercise the relevant rights.
residing abroad) Shareholders, pledgees or their legal representatives residing in foreign countries shall establish their (Delete) provisional addresses or appoint their agents, in Japan, and shall notify such addresses or agents in accordance with the Share Handling Regulations.