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someone to whom a pledge is made or someone with whom something is deposited as a pledge

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In case the customer fails to meet his debt obligation, the bank as pledgee can dispose of the gold bar/jewellery at market value to recoup the customer's outstanding debt.
A pledge by either pledgor or pledgee of the original pledge to some third person is null and void, unless the permission of either the pledgor or pledgee has been obtained.
The Federal Reserve had thus accomplished the objectives that it had identified in 1963: lowering the cost of clipping coupons, relaxing constraints imposed by limited vault space, and--most importantly--reducing the risk of misplacing securities that it held as custodian or pledgee.
Staton (as members of NAFT Ventures I LLC), acting on behalf of PET Capital Partners LLC, entered into a pledge agreement, dated April 15, 2004, by which an agent of PET Capital, became the pledgee of 10,500,000 shares of the Series C Convertible Preferred Stock (the "Preferred Stock") of Penthouse International, Inc.
Pledged Shares may only be tendered with the consent of the relevant pledgee.
The 'A-1+' rating on CDC Ixis Capital Markets as pledgee of the cash collateral deposit and thus liquidity provider, and the 'A-1+' rating on CDC Finance-CDC Ixis as account provider;
The Company has been informed that a financial institution is the pledgee of a large block of the Company's common stock under a private transaction that is not related to the Company.
97) Further, an Indian domestic bank cannot hold shares in a company--whether as pledgee, mortgagee, or absolute owner-exceeding 30% of the company.
101(a)(2) is not applicable to amounts received by the pledgee or assignee that are treated as a repayment of capital and are therefore generally income tax free to the extent of the outstanding debt amount.
Since the mezzanine lender is a (direct or indirect) pledgee of the equity in the mortgage borrower, the title insurance available to mezzanine lenders is via an endorsement to the owner's policy (the owner is the mortgage borrower and if the mezzanine lender were to exercise its remedies and succeed to the ownership interest in its collateral under its equity pledge, it would become the owner/mortgage borrower).
Pledgees can also track how they are making a difference through a heat map that allows them to follow pledge tallies by zip code in their home state and across the nation.
The sheriff may not, however, interfere "with the lawful possession of pledgees and lessees.
registered pledgees whose names have to the resolution of the Board of
The session included pledgees sharing their experiences, lessons, and best practices with their SupplierPay peers.
Moreover, York Benimaru also directly notified the same to the shareholders that were entered or recorded on the York Benimaru shareholder register (including beneficial shareholder register; hereinafter the same) and the registered pledgees thereof as of the same date.