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bound by or as if by an oath


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Yesterday I stood pledged to a maid, and thought soon to wed her.
Hyde had a song upon his lips as he compounded the draught, and as he drank it, pledged the dead man.
Yes, he was the better man; he felt it, glowed with the consciousness, and entering a public-house at the corner of Howard Place (whither he had somehow wandered) he pledged his own virtues in a glass - perhaps the fourth since his dismissal.
We men are determined, nay, are we not pledged, to destroy this monster?
Some fragments of past splendor appeared here and there upon the walls of this modest lodging; a sword, for example, richly embossed, which belonged by its make to the times of Francis I, the hilt of which alone, encrusted with precious stones, might be worth two hundred pistoles, and which, nevertheless, in his moments of greatest distress Athos had never pledged or offered for sale.
Remember, also, Villefort, that we have pledged ourselves to his majesty for your fealty and strict loyalty, and that at our recommendation the king consented to forget the past, as I do" (and here she extended to him her hand) -- "as I now do at your entreaty.
He stood in front of the horses and pledged them, saying, "Farewell to both of you; see that you tell Nestor how I have treated you, for he was as kind to me as any father could be while we Achaeans were fighting before Troy.
We are persuaded that he has pledged himself to assist Mr.
It would be part of my preparation for keeping my self-control--to which I am pledged.
He has spoken--and she has pledged herself to be his partner for life!
I was pledged in honor not to return to Shetland, and not to write.
When we had finished we stood in a circle around the well and pledged "eternal friendship" in a cup of its unrivalled water.
After the customary questions, whether they desired to enter upon matrimony, and whether they were pledged to anyone else, and their answers, which sounded strange to themselves, a new ceremony began.
Dorset solemnly believes that you are pledged to exterminate the large landed proprietors, and I do not think he would be surprised to hear that you had a guillotine up your sleeve.
If you are not absolutely pledged to Philip, we are neither of us bound.