pledge taker

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a volunteer who records (usually by telephone) contributions pledged in a fund drive

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Pledge takers promise to sneeze into a tissue, get a flu shot, drink plenty of fluids, visit the doctor when they're sick and do their part to keep from spreading sickness to others.
MorningStar Farms offers more than 30 nourishing products and over 300 delicious recipes to help pledge takers follow through on their veggie commitment.
So far almost 700 people have signed up - with the first 1,000 pledge takers qualifying for a free health and fitness kit, worth pounds 15.
Pledge takers specify the amount of money they plan to save weekly, how they plan to attain that goal and what they are saving for.
But remember, only the first 1,000 pledge takers will qualify for our great pounds 15 worth of free health and fitness goodies.
McIlhaney pointed out other important findings from the study: * The percentage of those 18 to 24 years of age who had intercourse before marriage was 88 percent among pledge takers and 99 percent among non- pledge takers.