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any of various ornamental plants of the genus Plectranthus

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neochilus and other Plectranthus species are common throughout Brazil and associated with fruit orchards, home gardens, and vegetable gardens, because they have medicinal uses, especially in the treatment of digestive disorders (Lorenzi & Matos 2008).
Naturally occurring diterpene parvifloron D is the main phytochemical constituent of Plectranthus ecklonii.
Changes in antioxidant potential and sink-organ dry matter with pigment accumulation induced by Hexaconazole in Plectranthus forskholii.
Schinus terebinthfolia, Aeollanthus suaveolens, Punica granatum, Plectranthus amboinicus, Chenopodium ambrisioides, Alpinia zerumbet, Sambucus australis e Rosmarinus officinalis) por apresentar um alto numero de citacoes, sendo indicadas para diversas enfermidades e de diferentes sistemas corporais.
Coleus amboinicus Lour also known as (Plectranthus amboinicu Coleus aromaticus and Plectranthus aromaticus (Benth.
The mosquito larvicidal activity of methanol crude extract, hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol fractions of Plectranthus glandulosus leaf showed that Cx.
Wang and Blessington (1990) verified that increasing concentrations of paclobutrazol promoted height reduction in four tropical foliage species (Brassaia actinophylla, Codiaeum variegatum, Syngonium podophylum and Plectranthus australis), with the optimum concentration and the sensitivity of the plants to the regulators varying considerably according to the species.
Their larval food plants include the spurflowers of the genus Plectranthus.
Abietanes from Plectranthus grandidentatus and P hereroensis against methicillinand vancomycin-resistant bacteria.
Preparacion de los inoculantes microbianos: El inoculo de Glomus intraradices fue preparado con fragmentos de raices (1cm) de Plectranthus coleoides Benth (Fam.
Analysis of phytochemical content and antimicrobial activity of Plectranthus glandulosis whole plant.
Previous investigations have already shown the potential activity of the essential oil of Clausena anisata and Plectranthus glandulosus that can lead to more than 90% mortality by direct application on adults of S.