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primitive winged insect with a flattened body

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Among the shredders displaying significant changes were plecopterans (Peltoperlidae and Leuctra spp.
Four abundant plecopteran shredders associated with organic matter accumulations (leaf packs and debris dams; Angradi, 1996) responded to the February flood somewhat differently from other riffle taxa: peltoperlids and Ostrocerca decreased less (20-50%) than other abundant taxa following the February flood ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], Table 4), and density of Pteronarcys and Amphinemura (after day 8) increased following the flood.
He pointed out, however, that plecopterans and other insects, such as palaeodictyopterans, cannot be ruled out due to the lack of terminal filament imprints.
Plecopterans develop only in cold, clear springs and are sensitive to low oxygen concentration and organic pollution [17].
The bottle-traps sometimes caught other insects including bush crickets, cantharid beetles, ephemeropterans, plecopterans, tipulids and various other dipterans.
Also in Indiana, Brack (1985) found dipterans, trichopterans, coleopterans (including the Asiatic oak weevil), lepidopterans, homopterans, hymenopterans, neuropterans, and plecopterans represented, in decreasing order of importance, in the diet of this species.