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the act of folding in parallel folds


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While not absolutely necessary, first practice this pleating technique on a watch to learn how the pleats work and to achieve even pleating.
the beginning and end of the cartridge pleating on both H and J;
on J, between the two pleating marks, draw one line 1/16" from the upper folded edge and another line 1/4" below it;
Beginning from the fabric outer edges, one edge at a time, stitch the pieces together up to the pleating line, along the upper folded edge of J.
To assemble the back yoke and back bodice, follow the cartridge pleating instructions instructions Fold and press the fabric at the back yoke lower edge, which will be the background fabric.
If your attempts at pleating fall flat, or you don't have enough hair/time/patience to master the technique - or if you're just a lazy so-and-so, then don't abandon all plans for pleats: invest in a falsie.
It was hypothesized that the pleating ratio was related to the resistance created by the turn and separation of air in the pleat, but this ratio not fully account for the area available to make this maneuver.
2002), Tronville and Sala (2003), and Caesar and Schroth (2002) each presented plots of pressure drop versus pleat counts that demonstrate this "U" pleating shaped curve.
A conventional pleating "U" curve was generated by modeling a 491 x 491 x 21 mm (19.
Pleating to the stripe refers to a method of knife pleating where one dominant stripe is used for each pleat folded edge, highlighting one color in the plaid.
Pleating to the sett is a unique pleating technique where pleat rows create the same pattern as the fabric.
Follow the previous directions to add tissue paper and transfer the pleating lines.
Using the recorded measurement as the height and 4" as the base width, draw an isosceles triangle for the pleating template (8).
From the main fabric, cut a long pleating strip 4" wider than the center-front panel and approximately 96" long.