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the act of folding in parallel folds


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If your attempts at pleating fall flat, or you don't have enough hair/time/patience to master the technique - or if you're just a lazy so-and-so, then don't abandon all plans for pleats: invest in a falsie.
Both solutions do indicate that the coefficient is a function of the pleating ratio (ratio of [A.
It was hypothesized that the pleating ratio was related to the resistance created by the turn and separation of air in the pleat, but this ratio not fully account for the area available to make this maneuver.
All of the diagrams used in this article show the pleating process as applied to the simple vamp moccasin type.
The box should be firm on top but have considerable and slightly flexible pleating on the back; be flat or curved depending upon the configuration of your toes; fit snugly, but not tightly; be rounded or pointed at the tip; and be the color you desire.
Jackets, which are the stars of the collection, include subtle embellishments on silhouettes with pick stitch detail and modern facets achieved by pleating, ruching and unusual leather or fur accents.
Shanghai Feng Cheng Machinery Engineering (FCME) will display its most advanced knife pleating machine at Filtration 2008.