pleasure principle

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(psychoanalysis) the governing principle of the id

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He's likely to draw from The Pleasure Principle and other early successes like Telekon but there's likely to be a few surprise along the way.
Death is the quintessential unpleasure to be mastered in any symbolic game of mourning and loss; just as Freud proposes that "The pleasure principle seems actually to serve the death instincts" (338), the impulse toward death is subordinate to the game, the pleasurable simulation of absence and return.
The music strand of South By Southwest is in Austin, Texas, from March 17 to 21 Polly Mackey and the Pleasure Principle Background: The 18-year-old former solo-artist Polly Mackey fronts this band from Wrexham.
THU Gary Numan The electro star of the 80s returns to Edinburgh's HMV Picture House to perform album Pleasure Principle in full.
Numan, real name Gary Webb, is on the road because his classic album The Pleasure Principle is being re-released 30 years after it hit Number One in the UK charts.
Celebrating the forthcoming re-issue of his debut album The Pleasure Principle, Gary has been providing exclusive gigs to give audiences a taste of what's to come.
We can exclusively reveal he will play Glasgow ABC on Friday, November 29, as part of The Pleasure Principle Tour.
and Cars, as well as three No 1 albums - Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon.
Like any extremes of experience, you have to learn how to balance that pursuit with your general well-being, to balance the pleasure principle with the reality principle.
Pleasure Principle will be Janet and Schiavi's first US lingerie collection with plans to have product in stores as early as November 2008 across America, with Australia, Japan and Europe to follow.
3 Employees who have screen savers or calendars depicting tropical beaches tend to be more hedonistic--for them motivation is all about the pleasure principle.
11) For Freud, fort/da becomes a figure for "a compulsion to repeat which overrides the pleasure principle," because it is "more primitive, more elementary, [and] more instinctual than the pleasure principle which it overrides.
These composers (Glass, Terry Riley and Steve Reich) felt that the essence, the pleasure principle of music had been lost," Smith says.
What Berns reveals is surprising: Instead of being ruled by the so-called pleasure principle, people are driven by challenge, adversity, and novelty.
With commercial titles like Border Heat (Encanto, 2001) and The Pleasure Principle (Arabesque, 2004) dominating the imprint inventory, and (one presumes) the sales figures, many writers fear that we're perpetuating our own stereotypes.