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a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement

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The nature of Murphy's ambivalence towards his ancestral inheritance becomes evident towards the end of the 1964 essay where Murphy tells us that the period of happiness in the pleasure ground was short-lived because some members of the family died and others had to leave, so that the garden went to wrack and ruin.
Instead, he suggested, "My advice would be to make a small park into which to look from your house; make a small pleasure ground and garden, farm your river bottom chiefly to keep and fatten live stock with view to manure; and make the rest a forest, improving the existing woods and planting the old fields.
She begins with a brief historical survey of the medieval garden, which offers some interesting insights into the creation of a distanced pleasure ground with its own separate spaces.
Bankside Power Station covers eight acres of this former pleasure ground and is famous, appropriately enough, for its massive, phallic brick tower (325 feet high).
And it truly was a noble example, reported the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian: "An ornamental walk and pleasure ground exquisite in taste and design, which for its extent and magnificence will be unparalleled by anything of the sort in Wales.
KCNA reported that Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju were present at an opening ceremony of the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground, an amusement park in Pyongyang, confirming the young North Korean leader's marital status.
Gaddafi's villa has now become a pleasure ground for the common people.
The first openings were low key with just the garden and pleasure ground wood open.
Enjoy a beautiful walk through carpets of snowdrops in the castle's Pleasure Ground Wood.
NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un accompanied by his wife Ri Sol Ju waves to the crowd as they inspected the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang.
They shared a passion for boxing at Belle Vue Pleasure ground in Manchester and dining out around the area.
This picture dating from 1967 gives us a clear view of the little pleasure ground, which was once located by the seashore at Saltburn.
Sophia Gardens was opened for the public in 1857 as "an ornamental walk and pleasure ground.