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a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

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Through GPS coordinates and an automatically updated map, the rescue ship can obtain constant positional information of the help-seeking pleasure boat as it is carried along by currents and tides, to quickly reach the rescue location.
The disaster led the government of the day to enforce stricter licensing and insurance for pleasure boat trips.
The nearest craft arrived at the site in half an hour after the pleasure boat crew sent an alarm signal by the radio.
Also we have Jet Ski races, Junior Hydroplane marathons, Flyboard championship and Pleasure Boat on this year's calendar, A[yen] informed Sheikh Hassan.
She commented: "Popular fishing trips and the pleasure boat trips that are closely associated with the seaside experience have been on offer from our beaches since the mid 19th century.
The mishap occurred on July15 when the pleasure boat capsized in Maadi, south of Cairo, apparently due to overloading.
A MAN has died after taking ill on a pleasure boat off the Northumberland coast.
A LOCAL family of four - including two children - had to be rescued from a pleasure boat off Anglesey yesterday.
In another accident, a Niigata Coast Guard Office patrol boat found a capsized pleasure boat floating about 4 kilometers from the mouth of the Agano River in the city of Niigata at around 3:20 p.
A chance sighting of the three-metre pleasure boat in the Atlantic Ocean by a large fishing vessel sparked a massive rescue operation.
PASSENGERS were left stranded on an island after a pleasure boat ran on to rocks yesterday.
Mourners gathered in Stourbridge yesterday for the funerals of a mother and daughter who died when a pleasure boat capsized off Bahrain.
THE captain of a pleasure boat which capsized and killed at least 15 Britons off the coast of Bahrain was being questioned today as the inquiry into the tragedy got under way.
A PLEASURE boat which had just been completely refurbished has been destroyed by arsonists.
It was then that Reindi opted to use circuit breakers in both his racing and pleasure boat lines.