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Synonyms for pleasurably

in a very pleasurable manner


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CONSIDER these four ads: ; Hot woman undresses herself seductively before stepping into the shower, where she writhes pleasurably as a man, presumably her lover, watches.
Rowling weaves a pleasurably wicked literary murder mystery with all its attendant aspects of publishing politics, from the peevish to the pompous, into Strike's personal and professional lives.
Despite being full, we couldn't resist the smooth and sinful banoffie pie with cream, which seemed like a nice finale and left us pleasurably high.
At that time, such a term was used for travelling to visit historical sites and landscapes pleasurably (Mahalati, 2004, p.
Attempts to purify language and landscape from the taint of the toilet fail; the joke pleasurably erupts; and the comic is stained.
Needless to say, her "Improvisations on the Theme of Cezanne" resist easy summation, but are pleasurably speculative and intellectually wide-ranging.
A generous Zinfandel that offers good value; densely-packed flavors of blueberries, pepper, and baking spices; a pleasurably crisp finish balances the upfront fruit.
He thought he could go on raking all day, pleasurably mindless in a sort of half-trance, until Cynthia's kids came home in the early evening.
Nor does this collection consider the innumerable over-the-counter and prescription drugs that have made huge numbers of Canadians pleasurably high for many years (starting with the alcohol-laden patent medicines of the distant past and running through drugs like oxycodone of the early 2000s).
This parasite doesn't need to learn how to make neurons act as if they are pleasurably anticipatory; it takes over the brain chemistry of it all on its own," Stanford University researcher Robert Sapolsky said in a 2009 interview with Edge magazine.
Before people learned how pleasurably they could pass the time while sipping pu-erh, the camellia sinensis leaves from which pu-erh is made were valued highly for their medicinal properties.
In chapter one, DiGangi argues that the sodomite should be conceived as neither an alien figure (as Alan Bray and Paul Hammond have argued) nor as a purely fictional subject constructed through discourse (as Gregory Bredbeck and Jonathan Goldberg would have it), nor yet as a familiar figure with whom playgoers might pleasurably identify (as in Bruce Smith's and Mary Bly's accounts).
Flow is not achieved early in the learning curve; conquering those tasks may be pleasurably challenging, but are not the mental state of flow.
The story is a pleasurably sly and involving puzzler -- a mystery about mysteries within mysteries," said Manohla Dargis from The New York Times.
The first, having established utilitarianism with the principle of independence, will no longer be able to find another motor of human action than the craving for feeling pleasurably (whether this sentient being is corporeal, intellectual, or moral man).