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a pleasing entertainer

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Since that first call, American Idol has bought additional styles by Hades as well as Pleaser USA and Ellie Shoes, all brands carried by GothicPlus.
As a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), the opportunity to service government accounts and introduce them to our green initiatives opens up significantly more markets in our surrounding area," states Jackie Arnault, President at The Pool Pleaser.
Crowd Pleaser sees Ed, the new father of a baby boy, discussing a range of subjects including the funny side of his wife's pregnancy.
Exploring subjects and situations Ed finds frustratingly maddening, Crowd Pleaser is a hilarious insight into Ed's life in his quest to turn into a grumpy old man.
Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser, The Ironworks Live Music Venue, InvernessSeeApril26.
With strong support from Karl Spain, this Crowd Pleaser tour is an apt name as it does just what it says on the tin.
In any workplace, there are seven classic styles of behavior: Commander, Drifter, Attacker, Pleaser, Performer, Avoider and Analytical.
This comic vision of hell is a crowd pleaser, packing big presence into compact space.
Whether air-popped, microwaved, or popped in your fireplace, popcorn can be seasoned for a tasty crowd pleaser.
But we can give you the tools to come up with a science-project idea of your very own--one that's simple, straight-forward, and a real crowd- (and teacher-) pleaser.
It's the proverbial question asked of every little kid and like many, Crystal Lacey Window figured responding "a lawyer" was a real crowd pleaser.
Annie Oakley proved to be the better shot and crowd pleaser, so her husband stopped appearing on stage and became her manager.
Indeed, the event was so accommodating that it came off as something of a crowd pleaser.
Pair that with a cool exhibit where shoppers can chill out, relax and play a game and you've got a crowd pleaser for the holiday season.