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Synonyms for pleasantness

Synonyms for pleasantness

the feeling caused by agreeable stimuli

the quality of giving pleasure

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They had to smell the odours through one nostril then identify them and rate each one for pleasantness.
Mr George added: 'The desire to create the Jerusalem of economic growth in England's green and pleasant land has so far resulted in a conspicuous lack of greenness and pleasantness.
For the study, participants were asked to rate the pleasantness of both sides of male and female faces on gray-scale photographs.
The researchers asked 18 healthy women to sniff the vials and rate the pleasantness of the smell on a 10-point scale with higher scores indicating a more pleasant smell, and also to choose a word from a list to describe the odor including "putrid", "floral', "vegetable", "woody', "minty' and "fruity").
London, Oct 3 (ANI): A new research has claimed that odours can be rated on a scale of pleasantness, which turns out to be an organizing principle for the way humans experience smell.
In order to isolate the specific effects of relaxation rather than the more general effects of pleasant states, the researchers used videos and pieces of music to experimentally manipulate participants' state of relaxation while holding constant the pleasantness of their affective state.
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): An electronic system has been 'trained' by Weizmann Institute scientists to be able to predict the pleasantness of novel odors, just like a human would perceive them.
We found that the crucial factor determining the urgency and pleasantness ratings that purrs received was an unusual high-frequency element-reminiscent of a cry or meow-embedded within the naturally low-pitched purr.
While in the fMRI machine, the subjects looked at the photos and ranked them on a pleasantness scale.
It's friendly, attentive and faintly sophisticated, and like the menu, unhindered by any heavy-handed interference to the pleasantness of the experience.
Scientists have examined the role that fat plays in determining pleasantness and perception in both a salty and a sweet liquid food product.
Your competence, professionalism and even pleasantness in performing your jobs really have a positive impact on us citizens, and help strengthen our confidence and trust in our country's public institutions.
On the other hand, Rahil pointed out that a number of representatives of tourism agencies in Germany, who work in tourism tracks, walking and cycling, expressed their pleasantness with this new type of tourism in Palestine, stressing that they will promote this Masar in their countries and expressed their desire to communicate with the offices of tourism and its agents in Palestine through Masar Ibrahim.
However, the sound metric to express the powerfulness and pleasantness is necessary for the design of the sound with these sensations.
The hills, the Anacostia River, the indescribable pleasantness, the way the wind came up over the river as if straight from the cooling mouth of God--and he vowed then that he would live there when he became a man.