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Synonyms for pleasantness

Synonyms for pleasantness

the feeling caused by agreeable stimuli

the quality of giving pleasure

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Whissell (1996b) argued that the two-dimensional affective space defined by the Dictionary-assessed dimensions of pleasantness and activation was equivalent to the two-dimensional affective space used by Plutchik (1994) to describe emotions.
Earth-toned watercolors set in single- and double-page spreads add an air of pleasantness to this book.
Again, the atmosphere was one of sunny pleasantness and a complete absence of odor.
The periodic ratings of odor intensity, irritation, and pleasantness during each exposure also did not suggest that the response of either the SRSs or controls to the odors changed differentially (i.
Researchers then played the recordings to 80 independent raters who judged the samples for sexiness, pleasantness and degree of romantic interest.
What we document is that price is not just about inferences of quality, but it can actually affect real quality," said Baba Shiv, associate professor of marketing who co-authored a paper titled "Marketing Actions Can Modulate Neural Representations of Experienced Pleasantness," published online Jan.
But most striking of all was the pleasantness and hospitality of your people, whom I found warm, welcoming, helpful and inspiring.
The Los Angeles brand consultant, who has been producing award-winning copywriting and brand development work for over twenty years, advises that even if only via euphonics, the pleasantness of the name's sound, great brand names should imply an emotional benefit and at least hint at the why, the driving force, behind the product, the company and the target consumer's buying behavior.
But, despite their initial pleasantness, their aftertaste was a disappointing way to welcome in 2014.
People experiencing an increase in anxiety show a decrease in the perceived pleasantness of odors.
Plaintive whimpering can be replaced with warmth, pleasantness and good will.
But before the salty pleasantness gives way to scorching summer and dripping monsoon, there are beaches you must go to.
Until a few years ago, however, the pleasantness stopped abruptly at the front door.
There are hundreds of flowers, each with a different essence; dozens of spice and food scents; to say nothing of the thousands of chemicals each with their own specific smell which may have different degrees of pleasantness and repulsiveness.