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Synonyms for pleasant-tasting

extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

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A warming and comforting soup that was pleasant-tasting but felt a little bit thin on the ingredients.
A simple treatment, usually in the form of a pleasant-tasting, soluble powder, should see them off.
BOOTS have a new range of pleasant-tasting vitamins which you spray under your tongue.
VocalZone consists of pleasant-tasting, aromatic lozenges to help create a soothing, cooling feeling for the vocal chords and help alleviate symptoms of overuse.
A carefully balanced selection of vitamins rounds off a formulation that has been designed to provide a light, refreshing and pleasant-tasting sports drink.
Moreover, there is no pre-exam fasting or harsh colon-cleansing requirement; patients simply follow a special low-residue diet of easily digestible foods, accompanied by a pleasant-tasting drink containing a small amount of barium, two days prior to the procedure.
Holsinger gave them what they asked for: pleasant-tasting, reconstituted powdered milk with reduced lactose.
Vita System ENERGY also has a pleasant-tasting Orange Citrus or Tropical Berry flavor, and again eschews calories and sugar for fresh vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed.
Quick Melt Fully Active B12 features a pleasant-tasting ORTHO vitamin featuring methylcobalamin B12.
With this in the background, we want to encourage other manufacturers in the food and beverage industries to focus on our pleasant-tasting, versatile herbal extracts to a greater extent and score extra consumer points with SUPERHERBS," said Oliver Hehn.
This is a huge reduction in mortality from just drinking more of an inexpensive, pleasant-tasting beverage.
Califig(R) is a pleasant-tasting liquid laxative, which has been trusted for generations and is suitable for all the family including children aged one year and above.
VERDICT: Pleasant-tasting paste uses natural fruit enzymes to polish and whiten teeth.
Cold-pressed, bottled in dark amber glass, packaged in cardboard to protect it from light, and shipped and sold cold to ensure freshness, new Udo's Choice DHA Oil Blend will answer requests for a pure, easy-to-use, pleasant-tasting product.
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