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Synonyms for plead

Synonyms for plead

to make an earnest or urgent request

Words related to plead

offer as an excuse or plea

enter a plea, as in courts of law

make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts

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"The salaries of additional/assistant pleaders (AGPs), government pleaders (GP) and additional/assistant public prosecutors (APPs) will be increased from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000," the chief minister said.
The pleaders of the accused had submitted prayers for their bails on which the decision was reserved till October 20.
Summary: Party is accused of preferring friends, relatives of top leaders in appointments as government pleaders
When Frank Lampard turned up for Chelsea's capitulation against Liverpool, the leader pleaders were out in force.
Little Pleaders, meanwhile, is a fully structured classroom workshop designed to help educators as a classroom resource.
Will Thursday's meetings of SDSM's top pleaders in Brussels define the next steps of the opposition and is it possible for the Social Democrats to mitigate their positions on return from Belgium's capital?
From then on, it was a sprint to the finish, with crowd pleaders Sex and Chocolate ensuring the show finished on a high.
There are about 49,000 lawyers in Myanmar, consisting of around 9,000 advocates and 40,000 higher grade pleaders. According to lawyers familiar with the local market, only a small number of these lawyers have commercial experience, and most of these are in their 70s, according to the ( Lawyer .
In order to augment the number of judges, the government proposes appointing judges on contract for two years, for which a special recruitment drive will be undertaken to select 15,000 judges for trial courts from amongst retired judges, public prosecutors, government pleaders and senior advocates.
Will the next president, prodded by big Democratic majorities in Congress, really be able to say no to all the special pleaders? And what happens when congressional Democrats and their labor allies begin pushing for new protectionist measures to cushion the blow of the global downturn?
Part 4, "Beyond the Stage," includes: Peter Parolin, "The Venetian Theater of Aletheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel" (219-40); Julie Crawford, "'Pleaders, Atturneys, Petitioners and the like': Margaret Cavendish and the Dramatic Petition" (241-62).
Davis once said he was prouder of graduates who became societal critics than those who became "special pleaders."
The infamous parade of "Fifth Amendment" pleaders before McCarthy's committee has often been cited as evidence that the senator practiced a policy of guilt-by association.
Then, unlike other pre-Budget pleaders, she noted that Mr Brown is running short of money.
A few days ago, we saw Israeli tanks turning their guns on a BBC camera team after shooting at a peaceful international gathering of banner-carrying pleaders for peace at Beit Jala, near Bethlehem.