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agree to plead guilty in return for a lesser charge

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Using interviews with prosecutors, police officers, and other criminal justice officials, this Essay provides a novel account of how police navigate the plea-bargaining system.
Pol'y 119, 124 (1992); see also Roza Pati, The ICC and the Case of Sudan's Omar al Bashir: Is Plea-Bargaining a Valid Option?
Professor John Langbein famously compared plea bargaining to torture, and argued that proof beyond a reasonable doubt cannot exist in a summary plea-bargaining process.
With those words from this and the companion case, the Court today opens a whole new field of constitutionalized criminal procedure: plea-bargaining law.
criticized the majority for bringing plea-bargaining law under the
should theoretically protect plea-bargaining defendants" who
Again, Justice Scalia decried the majority's minting a "new field of constitutionalized criminal procedure: plea-bargaining law.
Instead, the empirical evidence that we present reveals a distinct, yet hitherto neglected, (13) "innocence effect" in plea bargaining, in which culpability exerts a strong influence on defendants' willingness to accept plea offers and, consequently, on overall plea-bargaining and conviction rates.
The racial disproportion in sentencing prompted the Constitutional Rights Foundation to call for a ban on plea-bargaining, in a recent report commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown v.
I will review Fisher's book from this same perspective, as both of us are plea-bargaining scholars and former prosecutors rather than professional historians.
He rationalizes this dishonesty as a response to a coercive system and says that our plea-bargaining system is already deceptive.
Plea-bargaining ought to be banned for any case, not just serious ones.
And, that's the essence of the plea-bargaining process.
In Part I, we summarize some of the negotiation literature, focusing on the small body of work that applies negotiation theory to the plea-bargaining context.