plea of insanity

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(criminal law) a plea in which the defendant claims innocence due to mental incompetence at the time

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By allowing a plea of insanity, the Cretan court is in danger of supporting the idea that a man in the grip of sexual jealousy is not responsible for his actions.
At his trial a judge refused his plea of insanity, despite medical evidence.
The courts have adhered to the wide latitude rule relating to the admissibility of the conduct and condition of a criminally accused offered in support of his plea of insanity.
There was no plea of insanity offered at the trial and the jury found her guilty but, as I watched her husband's fight for a retrial, I found the whole case against her less convincing.
Certainly the spin from his legal camp suggests that a plea of insanity might see him spared a prison cell for a padded cell when his "molestation" charge comes to court.
THE drifter who admitted killing schoolgirl Caroline Dickinson is to face trial for murder after his plea of insanity was rejected.
Unsurprisingly, Urbana wants justice and totally rejects Terri's plea of insanity.
A plea of insanity raises troubling questions regarding moral responsibility and social policy, thereby intensifying public scrutiny.
The mens rea approach was only one type of reform in the overall insanity defense reform movement, the goal of which was to decrease not only the number of defendants who could enter a plea of insanity, but also to decrease the number of defendants who successfully used mental abnormality to excuse themselves of criminal responsibility.
the court has before it uncontradicted, competent evidence that the accused was insane at the time of the commission of the offenses, it would be a manifest injustice to allow the withdrawal of a plea of insanity.
The result has been a mounting incoherency in what it means for a plea of insanity to come before a court of law.
The defense attorney said he did not present a plea of insanity because it is too difficult under the law to support such a claim.
The jurors at Young's trial rejected his lawyer's plea of insanity, perhaps because "the bloody clothes of the wife and children lay on the table before the jury.