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a recreation room for noisy activities (parties or children's play etc)

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Police officers calmed the mother down and took the girl to a special playroom where she acted out on a doll what the driver had done to her, according to the records.
Launched to promote local creativity, Urban Playroom runs from 9 to 27 November at the Gallery by the Harbour to deepen the public's engagement with Hong Kong's design culture.
The Playroom is open exclusively for children of dining and in-house guests on weekends, 11 a.
One in seven (13 per cent) have a children's playroom in the house while 11 per cent have a walk-in wardrobe, while collections of artwork were also popular indicators, as were under-floor heating, luxury paint and high-tech music systems.
When they first moved in, they knocked down a garage and built an extension, which became their office and later Francesca's playroom.
The firm has raised PS10,000 through a dinner dance, raffles and a golf day, which will be used to remodel the children's outdated playroom.
The bank said that the PlayRoom is a 1,927 square metre creative hub in Rosebank, Johannesburg, that seeks to unearth 'disruptive ideas' from staff, customers and start-up businesses.
It's family-friendly features include a playroom located next to the in-house gym so that parents can keep their children close while squeezing in a workout.
Delightful full page color illustrations show Albert Mouse and his sister Wanda and friend Leo as they scamper off to the Playroom for a rare treat of playing while the People (and their cat, Groucho) are away on a visit.
A free DLC is coming to "The Playroom," tagged as the AR Studio.
Avoid this issue by being smart about the toys you purchase, and not keeping everything in the playroom.
A SEVERELY autistic boy whose special playroom was burned down by thieves has been given a new one by a kind stranger.
As the clock struck 3am - my witching hour - guests were led down to a secret underground basement, through a vault, and into the playroom.
According to the owner of The Green Playroom, Ashley Gutknecht, “Pinterest is a great avenue to share ideas important to people with common values and philosophies surrounding sustainability efforts.
8 June 2012 - Finland-headquartered content production company Nice Entertainment has agreed to buy Norwegian event management specialist Playroom AS for an undisclosed amount, Finnish private equity fund manager CapMan (HEL:CPMBV) said today.