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As a matter of fact, the mob was playing in exceedingly foul fashion.
Always the thought kept recurring to me that if I had been playing for myself alone I should never have had such luck.
Among other things, he thought it necessary to remind me that he would be sorry to see me playing at the gaming-tables.
Well, absurd though it be, I place great hopes on your playing of roulette," she remarked musingly; "wherefore, you ought to play as my partner and on equal shares; wherefore, of course, you will do as I wish.
The fact is, I have been playing in a golf tournament.
And when the people were going to market at twelve o'clock they found the Giant playing with the children in the most beautiful garden they had ever seen.
Borckman's anger-convulsed face ludicrously attempted a sheepish, deprecating grin, and he was just mumbling, "We was only playing," when Jerry arrived back, leaped in the air, and sank his teeth into the offending hand.
He became absorbed in trying out the idea, and even borrowed a circus rider whose act was to play the violin while standing on the back of a galloping horse and to throw somersaults on such precarious platform while still playing the violin.
But the playing of Mysteries and Miracles at the church doors had soon to be given up.
They are the "fighting brigade," the "die-hards," larking about at leap-frog to keep themselves warm, and playing tricks on one another.
I just didn't feel like playing the game, anyway, and I HAD been wanting pretty things, so
I know, father-among-the-angels, I'm not playing the game one bit now--not one bit; but I don't believe even you could find anything to be glad about sleeping all alone 'way off up here in the dark--like this.
He was standing close by the lady in the mask, who was playing with pretty good luck now, and looking on much interested at the game.
Throughout his career, Carroll has preferred playing zone over man-to- man coverages, which helps reduce the number of big plays but also allows open spaces to exploit.
For Julia Baldwin, playing golf has become almost as necessary as breathing.