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Synonyms for playful

Synonyms for playful

full of high-spirited fun

Antonyms for playful

full of fun and high spirits

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Without ever quitting her tone of BADINAGE and playful superiority, she intoxicated me with the sense that I was necessary to her, that she was never at ease, unless I was near her, submitting to her playful tyranny.
Glegg, who was fond of his jest, and having retired from business, felt that it was not only allowable but becoming in him to take a playful view of things.
The newest addition to the Baby Einstein DVD collection, Baby's First Moves is a playful celebration of a little one's movement milestones - including first steps, clapping, jumping, dancing and more.
Playful, yes, but not crazy playful; after all, you have to balance play with relaxing with someone.
Summary: Acclaimed group is known for their lively and playful performances
It's playful, funny, it's it's evocative Atomega is an online first-person shooter with a colourful visual style.
It appears, kea parrots of New Zealand can trigger a playful mood among their cohort in a similar way to us humans.
Significantly, early childhood environments foster numerous aspects of young children's development through daily playful experiences.
Follow the Yarn" is a delightful board book of colors, featuring playful cat silhouettes playing with balls of colored yarn against a dramatic white background.
Contract notice: Innovative digital signage playful design to guide and assist tourists and parisian pedestrians on the occasion of the euro in 2016.
The Common Core's higher standards need not be met by pressuring teachers to discard proven playful learning strategies in favor of procedural pedagogies.
It is extraordinary - our relationship is immensely playful.
THIS playful pooch is on the lookout for a new home.
The collaborative project of professional educators Joyce Hemphill, Laura Scheinholtz, and Heather Von Bank, "The Power of Playful Learning: The Green Edition" is a 184 page collection of playful activities will support and complement a classroom curriculum with games and activities can be made almost entirely from common household recyclables.
But as charity chiefs blasted the sick photo for sending out the wrong message, a gallery chief said: "It is intentionally playful.