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to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

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It's simulation and play-acting, and for me it cannot happen.
RUGBY legends Will Carling and Jonathan Davies have joined a growing band of critics to slam the play-acting in the football World Cup after Portugal's 1-1 draw with Iran on Monday night descended into a second-half shambles, writes Anthony Woolford.
STOKE'S legendary hardman Denis Smith believes managers have the power to end the diving and play-acting which is blighting today's game.
For in the new postwar age of play-acting Stalinists, Wilson saw Orwell as the last prophet of commonsense independent-minded thought on the left.
Wikipedia says the word 'hypocrisy' comes from the Greek word 'hypokrisis,' which means 'jealous.' 'play-acting,' 'acting out,' 'coward' or 'dissembling.'
To have play-acting bombers reaching for the cords of their suicide vests while singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah will hardly lend the necessary realism to such training drills.
The PS32million striker was involved in a touchline flare-up with fuming Costa accusing Juan Carlos Paredes of play-acting - which saw both players booked.
There was no bending of the rules, no play-acting, and no arguing with the match official.
WALES manager ChriS Coleman says his players can cope with the hostile Haifa atmosphere and any Israeli play-acting tonight.
Abu Dhabi: The 12th week of the Arabian Gulf League dealt a heavy blow to its reputation after it was marred by refereeing mistakes, unsporting conduct of officials, plenty of play-acting and unethical goals.
And that should mean that any misinterpreted acts of diving, play-acting, cheating, feigning injury and so on, so incorrectly frowned upon by Clattenburg and co, will be tolerated by the understanding Mr Kralovec.
Why no mention of Cheick Tiote play-acting, rolling around as if he had been shot when he was hit in the chest and not very hard at that?
England 20 Australia 36 ENGLAND forward Ben Westwood has confessed to play-acting over the incident that enraged coach Steve McNamara during his side's 36-20 Four Nations defeat by Australia at Wembley.
Real Madrid had protested against diving and play-acting by Barcelona players who in turn complained about comments made by their opponents coach Jose Mourinho.