play hooky

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play truant from work or school

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If, as this ad suggests, mom really is never too old to play hooky, Wintsch believes she should be sailing down the street with the wind in her hair and to hell with the rest of it.
So he decided to play hooky from his job as community services director for Cottage Grove and join the search.
kites above some miniscule town where even smaller kids play hooky and
"It is always a debate where you play Hooky," added Humphreys.
Ferris Bueiler's Day Off Cut class, play hooky and own the city in an open-world environment much like the one in PlayStation Home.
They simply run away, leave town, play hooky from school, get a divorce or avoid the conflict in any way possible.
PLAY HOOKY In between downward dogs and trail switchbacks, check out uptown Sedona's restaurants, which include vegan and raw choices, or browse art galleries.
Some kids may have a big reason for wanting to play hooky. And, it has nothing to do with lack of desire to learn or inability to perform academically.
Shipboard conference rooms, designed for the laid-back passenger who wants to play hooky, are often poorly lighted and inadequately ventilated for 18-hour work stints.
"How can we play hooky if it's not a school day?" Maude asked, carrying the ladybugs into the living room in one of the jars.
But Brawer let the pre-1967 lines play hooky from his schoolbook.
Polar opposites in age, size and demeanor, the two of them are utterly convincing as a married couple from the get-go, so much so that the scene where they play hooky from work is both hilarious--their excuse-laden phone calls to respective workplaces are little comic masterpieces--and endearingly romantic.
Parents of pupils who play hooky from school in a Tyneside borough will be fined under new plans to crack down on truants.
Haas was once invited to a nuclear power plant-located in the middle of the desert--to do a training session for its engineers, who were then allowed to play hooky from work to substitute twice yearly.
The much heralded `crack-down' on parents who allow their offspring to play hooky seems to have gone off with more like a whimper than a bang.