play hooky

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play truant from work or school

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PLAY HOOKY While you're in Oaxaca, ascend the ruins of the ancient city of Monte Alban for spectacular vistas of Oaxaca Valley.
Parents of pupils who play hooky from school in a Tyneside borough will be fined under new plans to crack down on truants.
Haas was once invited to a nuclear power plant-located in the middle of the desert--to do a training session for its engineers, who were then allowed to play hooky from work to substitute twice yearly.
The much heralded `crack-down' on parents who allow their offspring to play hooky seems to have gone off with more like a whimper than a bang.
If Larbalestier would ever like to play hooky from the stultifying academy and indulge her quite evident penchant for gender-bending SF, she might have a good shot at winning one.
He would feign illness to get time off and when his parents found out he was faking, he would play hooky.
I felt the same urge to play hooky in London as the amazing events of last weekend unfolded.
Hang in there Don't get discouraged if you play hooky from your fitness regimen for a week or so.
He liked monsters and whenever he could get time off from his busy classroom schedule, he would play hooky from school and go up to the Capitol and look at the Senate.
Fishing was the one pursuit that would cause me to play hooky as a kid.
I used to play hooky from school just to hear those guys playing on the street corner.
The report will detail how the Hawaii Transportation Department is railroading Hawaii's taxpayers into paying for an unaffordable and unnecessary rail system, expose the real costs of "free" state healthcare, uncover government employees getting paid to play hooky, and describe the overall laxity of state and local officials, who are failing to exercise oversight over expenditures.
For decades, we believed that we lived in a world that had only one kind of Frosty-chocolate, that cold creamy cross between soft-serve ice cream and milkshake that we loved so much we used to play hooky and skip classes so we can grab a cup.
Some gamble vacation time or play hooky, trying to guess the occurrence of the one special "big day," which could occur this week.
People gladly will play hooky to honor Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson and Pau Gasol, and the memories will last a lifetime.