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reproduce (a recording) on a recorder


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Users can easily play back video and audio with start commands from the unit's graphical user interface, and they can play up to two sequences of video locked to one command, loop, or stop.
I'm determined now to be fit enough to be in the squad and then force my way through good play back into the team.
With CCVSR, IT managers can easily play back a session and pinpoint where, when and if applicable, who was the root cause of a specific problem.
By integrating these chips in future chipsets device manufacturers will be able to create tablets and even phones that can play back and record HD content in VP8.
All three broadcasters used the joint products as part of a tapeless workflow to record and play back, in both SD and HD, audio and video of the World Cup matches.
For example the more you read, the more mess you can create and the more sound effects you can collect to play back at your leisure.
But play back the videos on a TV and the quality looks worse than non-HD footage from the Mino.
Evan Williams seems to have got State Of Play back on the right track judging by his victory in the Charlie Hall Chase.
The system, the NX-BD3, is JVC's first Blu-ray product and can play back DivX video.
The Phrase Maker has four modes: Standard Communicator (record and play back 15 pre-recorded words or short phrases to create unique sentences); Beep Acknowledgement (play back only; beeps as each word is selected); Auditory Cueing (play back only; speaks each word as it is selected); and Single Switch Message Entry (records and plays back using a capability switch connected to the device).
The HDC-SD1 records high-definition video on to high-capacity (4- 32GB) SecureDigital memory cards, which you can play back by connecting the camcorder directly to your HD telly.
This open system enables users to search for and play back content from an external application.
I WOULD take a punt on Billy Jones of Crewe, who can play back four or midfield.
KONTAKT Player 2 is integrated into Finale 2007, employing the latest technology to play back sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra, included free of charge.
What it Packs: Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition; rich media capabilities allows users to play back audio and video content What it Lacks: Limited (but expanding) wireless broadband