play along

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  • verb

Synonyms for play along

cooperate or pretend to cooperate

perform an accompaniment to

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But a funny thing happened on the way to "hegemony": much of the rest of the world decided it didn't want to play along.
JAKKS Pacific signs agreement in principle to acquire Play Along Toys, manufacturer whose licenses include Care Bears, Teletubbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, The Dog and DC Comics, among others.
The sand blowing in my ears was perfect, Listening to Miles Davis play along, in key but out of time, was perfect.
Inside The Brazilian Rhythm Section is the first instructional book that enables each individual instrument to play along and interact with a master Brazilian rhythm section.
Our keyboardist and DJ run a lot of the drum loops, and I play along to them in my monitors.
And alongside the winks, of course, there's the veiled threat: If you don't play along, you're a humorless Puritan.
They play along the line between familiarity and unfamiliarity.