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work table of a machine tool

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the flat plate of a printing press that presses the paper against the type

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the roller on a typewriter against which the keys strike

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Segmented platen heads are designed with fingers or segments in the head designed to fire only specific parts of the platen down at one time.
Ross Discharge Systems consist of a platen that is lowered hydraulically into the mix vessel.
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is urging users of hand-fed platen (die cutting) machines in the UK to follow revised operating and safeguarding guidance in order to reduce the risk of serious crush injuries and even death.
Depending on product design, GN says the platen can reduce cycle time by 20 - 30 per cent and to achieve greater product clarity and more consistent material distribution due to the quicker forming times.
The other new product, the Econoline Rotary Platens, "offers a lower profile to reduce shut-height requirements, a reduction in weight due to lowering the water capacity, with guarding now offered as an option.
In 1819 Platen moved to Erlangen, where he studied under the philosopher of Romanticism, Friedrich Schelling, and made the acquaintance of many of the leading writers of the time, including J.
To mitigate this, molders often place an insulator board or plate between the mold clamping plate and the platen.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Electrically Heated Platen With Water Cooling System,L-700 X H-220 X Th-54 Mm Of Specification As Per Annexure -01 Rev.
With push-button simplicity, the system automatically discharges a batch by lowering a precisely-machined platen into the vessel.
Originally the cockpits, each mounted on a platen 1540mm long x 890mm wide and 660mm high and weighing 100kgs including the platen, were discharged from the trailer in sequence and transported by a chain-to-chain live roller conveyor to a drop section, which raised the platen from the basement to a ground floor Cockpit fit station at the side of the production line.
The vacuum chamber, encompassing the entire heating platen and core lifter brackets (when equipped for multiple plate molds) is capable of a draw down time of within a few seconds to approximately 18 to 25 of mbar pressure.
Called Tandem, the system uses an additional, machine-mounted center platen and scissors-style linkage arms to keep all three platens aligned.