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Synonyms for plat

a map showing planned or actual features of an area (streets and building lots etc

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make a plat of


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Mr Plat said methane concentration at some points in the mine was 7%.
And while the new store tops out at 8,500-square feet versus the 22,000 square feet of the original location, Plat said the projection is for this store to do more business than before.
Die outeurs van hierdie artikel het die bekende chanson oor Vlaandere, "Le plat pays", in Afrikaans vertaal as onderdeel van 'n uitgebreide en voortgaande Jacques Brel-vertaalprojek, wat in 2005 van stapel gestuur is.
As part of this system, the surveyors produced plat maps for each township that frequently show significant features of the landscape, such as rivers, swamps and prairies.
VirtualEdge connectivity panels are 'sturdy, versatile mechanical plat forms, used to terminate high-speed cabling applications in any combination of services, including10/100M Ethernet, Gigabite Ethernet, Fiber and Coax.
To plat works like "Five Improvisations for Mixed Vegetables," the nine-piece Austrian ensemble blows, bangs, shakes, peels, snaps, grates, and rubs its "instruments" in tandem.
The new look for the French wine brand Plat d'Or has been unveiled by Percy Fox.
IGXE ensures our clients enjoy their internet purchase experiences at the lowest price ever, even with hot game goods such as WOW Gold, EQ plat and EVE isk.
Tenders are invited for Spares For 2T Plat Form Truck.
Mais le positionnement de la ligne, installee 1800 metres plus loin (500 m de faux-plat montant et 1300 metres de plat, change la donne par rapport au rendez-vous d'avril.
9% 56 days Purchase Visa Barclaycard 0844 811 9151 Plat Simplicity - 7.
Empoisonneuse, la mayonnaise a encore frappE[umlaut], cette fois Ea Madaba, sous la forme de garniture d'un plat de shawerma.
A viewer could, for instance, see the shape and size of the plat, as well as amenities of the subdivision.
We are not followers, we are leaders in this industry," Emmanuel Plat, vice president of the Conran Shop in the United States, told HFN.