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a thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things

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"To overcome this we have developed plastic film made from non-GM bio-polymers derived from plants such as maize.
Low density polyethylene film demand, totalling 60 percent of the overall plastic film market, is forecast to reach nine billion pounds in 2004 based on continued source reduction efforts, diverse applications, and cost and performance advantages over other materials.
The reason and background for AKPI to divest are: about 6.7% of its plastic film product is supplied to the need of feedstock of its converting division.
The flask is then covered with a second sheet of plastic film. The vacuum is drawn and the sand becomes rigid.
The intermediate sheet includes an Overlapped region in which the plastic film strips overlap one another in a width of 10 to 100 mm as measured in a longitudinal direction of the wearing article.
Although recycling is not a new concept for paper, metal and plastic bottles, it has yet to be embraced for plastic film. In fact, the recovery rate for plastic film has reached only 5 percent, according to researched estimates.
Henkel's TechnomeltSupra PS product range allows palletization to be performed with no, or minimal, plastic film: a hotmelt adhesive joins the outer packages with each other in order to secure the pallets.
Recently, plastic film mulching has become regarded as one of the most effective ways to improve water retention in the soil by increasing soil temperature and reducing soil evaporation (Gan et al.
has provided plastic film and adhesive solutions to the printing industry for over 40 years and to the digital films industry for nearly 20 years.
Featuring a wrapping ring that spans 130 inches in diameter, the new TAB Wrapper Tornado is customized and oversized to accommodate shipping of large, palletized machinery over the road wrapped only in plastic film. This eliminates the need for wooden shipping crates and their associated labor, time and materials costs.
The unit measures the resistance to impact/puncture as the probe penetrates a sheet of plastic film. Both Elmendorf Tear and Spencer Impact measurements can be performed on one instrument.
So as the recycling markets have expanded over the years, these growing pains have caused some headwinds that are affecting many materials, including plastics, as demonstrated in the recent reports measuring recycling for plastic film, bottles and rigids in 2015 (the latest year for which data are available).
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists developed a new high-volume production method for hot embossing microscopic channel structures onto large areas of plastic film at a low cost for use, for example, in wearable technology and cosmetic applications.
"The plastic film is optimally suited to advertising campaigns, in which large light-emitting surfaces can be used to draw significantly more attention than can be gained through mere printed graphics or e-ink-type black-and-white displays that do not emit light," says Raimo Korhonen, who heads up research for VTT.