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a bag made of thin plastic material

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During July 2019 some international economists quoted as saying that more than 90 states in the world have banned the use of plastic bags and another 36 regulate them with levies and fees.
But in the absence of introducing feasible alternatives, the authorities have failed to halt the trade and use of plastic bags.
In July, Markus Soeder, the state premier of Bavaria and head of Germany's conservative Christian Social Union, CSU, said he was launching a Germany-wide push for a plastic bag ban.
'They can afford to do it as the state is smaller and they can easily manage a plastic bag ban compared to us, where we are the second biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia.'
Free distribution of plastic bags at the tills of supermarket and other retail shops was banned as of 1 July 2018, while a compulsory charge of six cents is applied for each plastic bag given to consumers.
Plastic bag pollution could have been curtailed years ago if more concrete and meaningful steps had been taken, but it's not too late for the government to mend its approach and put a lid on this growing menace once and for all.
And I cannot remember a time when someone refused to take a plastic bag - not even once," he said.
One of the major problem is the use of Plastic bags that jeopardize our environment.
Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, which require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture.
The company said in a statement that Zoom "stopped the use of plastic bags for one day across its outlets in the UAE in recognition of International Plastic Bag Free Day".
He says the production of mineral plastic bag water across the country is being carried out without any measures put in by government to ensure that such production is turned into bottled water.
"We also plan to promote the plastic bag reduction campaign through subway, bus and electronic displays installed throughout the city.
Western Australians are being urged to start changing their plastic bag use with less than six months to go until the ban on lightweight, single-use plastic bags is due to come into effect.
Push the open end of the plastic bag through the bottle neck.
Revenues from plastic bag fees dropped by over 60% in 2013-2014, according to the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities.