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Synonyms for plastering

the application of plaster

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Cleaning and stucco work lime cement plaster lot 1: - column plaster 3-sided 340 m, - column plastering 4-sided 190 m, - cement wall plaster 250 m 2 .
PLASTERING FLOAT, This is ideal for rendering or base coats as the finish is slightly rougher than the trowel.
On the other hand, we have also shown in published studies that improper plastering practices can cause excessive porosity and surface breakdown, leading to the soft spot phenomenon (often called "spot etching"), which, despite its slang term, actually has nothing to do with etching.
Plastering the exterior of an existing home is possible in some cases, but has different issues to address than interior work.
Plastering is probably one of the messiest DIY jobs, and when you get it wrong the result can drive you up the wall.
While plastering is a rather labor-intensive process that requires considerable patience and skill, with a little training and experience, almost anyone can master it.
To find a plasterer, get an architect's recommendation or look in the yellow pages under Plastering Contractors; make sure the one you choose specializes in colored plaster.
Contract award notice: Plastering and stucco work, Thermal insulation composite system (germany-munich: Plastering work)
reports of my death have been grossly exaggerated," so, too, have reports of plastering's death, due to costliness, lack of artisans and un-competitiveness, been equally exaggerated.
Craig Bennion, owner of Baron Pool Plastering in San Bernardino, Calif., lists six basic trowels that his crew uses: straight 22s, straight 16s, speedy 16s, 10- or 12-inch finishing trowels, "no burn" trowels and 3/4" plastic trowels.