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a person (considered to be) without human failings

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In the weird morality of American consumerism, they are practically plaster saints. Until now, Audi had nothing to offer buyers who backed away from the Q7 plus-sized SUV, which could never be surgeon general.
Whereas the McCanns are being portrayed as plaster saints. Hundreds of thousands of pounds - possibly millions - flowed into the McCann fund.
The church is not a museum for plaster saints but a hospital for dying sinners.
This priest from medieval Oslo belongs in the special gallery of fallen clergymen that includes Hawthorne's Arthur Dimmesdale and Graham Greene's Whiskey Priest, fallen clerics who paradoxically affirm the spiritual nature of their calling more memorably than do the blameless plaster saints. In his personal narrative, Solmund reveals himself to be an anguished man of sincerity and character, a man who atones as best he can for the one sordid, bestial act of his life.
Designed by Julie Archer, the lighting and visual setting are as potent as apparitions: bars of brilliant light define an intangible but inescapable prison; a niche is crammed with the broken hands of plaster saints; an overhead projector casts an image of puddling water, blue light spreading inexorably across the backdrop.
The faded images of plaster saints are festooned with flowers and pine boughs, their European faces darkened by centuries of candle smoke.
On Mother's Day, 1996, politicians, tax resisters and feminists are arguing about these matters as fiercely as ever, and as fiercely badmouthing those plaster saints, our mothers.
If the young reporters are deservedly the good guys in Prochnau's story, they are no plaster saints. They drink, they shout, they make love, they curse, they exchange insults with their editors.
Catholic nuns smuggled radio equipment into the country inside the hollowed-out bodies of plaster saints and virgins.
there lay my city of plaster saints, reddening in votive lights, their arms held up to nighttime glut and its aftermath of penance.