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a person (considered to be) without human failings

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But Billy, who with each episode is turning more and more into a plaster saint, only has eyes for Little Mo.
The plaster saint that Drew sculpts here could never have gotten campaign finance reform through Congress, and would be smashed to pieces if he were ever elected president.
"Not that he was a plaster saint. He would get red, yell, steam would pour from his ears.
A YOU'RE not a plaster saint any more than you are selfish.
'We mourn here today not a plaster saint but a real man who not only loved his family and was passionate about sport, but also inspired millions of people.'
These contradictions add to the richness of the memory of the man and prevent us from recalling a "plaster saint," to borrow a phrase from Lois Wilson, the former moderator of the United Church of Canada, who recently reviewed Radical Compassion for the Journal and read a lesson at the Toronto memorial.
A 19th-century critic called Schreiner "the only woman of genius South Africa ever produced," and under director Chay Yew's electric direction, she retains relevance as role model without becoming a ponderous activist or plaster saint.
He was no plaster saint. He was not innocuous or boring nor was he a dispenser of psychological theories.
Mazenod was no plaster saint, no sweet and sickly character dripping easy piety.
I'm sure your son is a plaster saint, at least as far as his mummy is required.
Thankfully, he is not presented as a plaster saint, even though committed to social justice and to the health of the church of Jesus Christ.
Murrow didn't live to see "West 57th,' CBS's new yuppie magazine show, the fact remains that Murrow, the plaster saint of CBS, himself conducted a number of puffy celebrity interviews on "Person to Person.' Even the famed "See It Now' ran stories that would lead you to change the channel if they appeared nowadays on "60 Minutes.' Friendly, often described as "Fred Formerly' by CBS employees because he is so frequently identified as "former president of CBS News,' even though he resigned nearly 20 years ago, does not often mention that.
Alastair Campbell is a plaster saint. Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon is a man of the highest principle...
As far as they are concerned, she is a plaster saint and I am a scarlet woman.