plaster saint

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a person (considered to be) without human failings

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The author makes several apocryphal stories look like historical facts, and he is too anxious to prove that Mazenod was not a plaster saint.
I'm sure your son is a plaster saint, at least as far as his mummy is required.
Thankfully, he is not presented as a plaster saint, even though committed to social justice and to the health of the church of Jesus Christ.
Murrow didn't live to see "West 57th,' CBS's new yuppie magazine show, the fact remains that Murrow, the plaster saint of CBS, himself conducted a number of puffy celebrity interviews on "Person to Person.
As far as they are concerned, she is a plaster saint and I am a scarlet woman.
We don't need to be told that Collins is no plaster saint.
But he is a great church-goer and is even an elder who not only thinks of himself as a plaster saint, but says adultery is a sin.
The film stars Emily Watson as the neurotic nutter Jacqueline, Rachel Griffiths as plaster saint Hilary, and a man with a hairy back as Kiffer.
Even when he's playing noble characters, they're not plaster saints.
One also cannot ignore the feeling that Marshall's lack of critical reflection has the effect of turning her subjects into plaster saints.
Nonetheless, they were and should remain to be seen as human beings not plaster saints.
In his day, they'd smashed the faces of plaster saints with their rifle butts.
It makes me think of Rudyard Kipling's comment: "And if our behavior isn't all your fancy paints/Why, single men in barracks don't grow into plaster saints.
Holy" is about plaster saints on high shelves and martyred missionaries in church history books.