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a small cellular inclusion consisting of a ring of DNA that is not in a chromosome but is capable of autonomous replication

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DNA vaccines have until now, been based primarily upon plasmid delivery.
Successful conjugation would transfer ESBL determining plasmid from donor (Cefotaxime Resistant-[Ctx.
Investigation of a plasmid genome database for colistin-resistance gene mcr-1.
A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA that contains functional DNA fragments that control gene expression in cells.
The second advantage is that once the cells are reproducing as heart cells or nerve cells, the plasmid is removed and the cells continue to reproduce without a remnant of the plasmid system.
The guide trees of several-selected plasmid were constructed with Mauve and tree was visualized using FigTree.
Also, older helper plasmid versions often contain antibiotic sequences that are increasingly unacceptable to regulatory agencies.
Because the PpPbp cDNA has two BstXI sites at 462 bp and 760 bp (A of the ATG start codon defined as 1), the coding sequence corresponding to the middle region of the PpPBP protein (154-253 amino acids) was removed from the pBS-PpPbp plasmid by BstXI digestion, and then the digested plasmid with the sequence coding the N-terminal 153 residues, including a putative plastid-targeting sequence (1-55 amino acids), was blunted with a Takara Blunting kit (Takara Bio).
KPC-2] in these isolates using a series of PCR assays and amplicon sequencing instead of the tedious process of plasmid fully sequenced.
In molecular cloning, Plasmid transformation into the bacterial competent cells by using electroporation has been found an efficient technique (Ryu and Hartin, 1990).
flexneri antibiotic resistance R-plasmid plasmid curing multiple drug resistance diarrhoea Shigellosis
If a special plasmid composed of the glycoprotein-160 HIV gene, and the two reporter genes Green Fluorescence Protein and Firefly Luciferase, is able to be successfully inserted into human T-cells to create cells that look like HIV, then tests can be performed and data can be collected to analyze the effectiveness of the therapeutic aptamer-small interfering RNA(siRNA) chimera, a new smart-bomb approach, to destroy the HIV cell.
The topics include operator-repressor titration: stable plasmid maintenance without selectable marker genes, analytical tools in minicircle production, magnetofection of minicircle DNA vectors, the episomal expression of minicircles and conventional plasmids in mammalian embryos, and the influence of the extracellular matrix in the increased efficiency of minicircles versus plasmids under gene electrotransfer sub-optimal conditions.
Althea Technologies and Profectus BioSciences have signed a manufacturing supply agreement for plasmid DNA production.
Large-scale production of plasmid DNA (pDNA) for medical use is however a new field in biopharmacy.