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the precursor of a plasma cell

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Levels of circulating plasmablasts as measured by peripheral blood flow cytometry, especially IgG4-positive plasmablasts, have proven much more helpful than serum IgG4 levels as a diagnostic tool, a reliable biomarker of disease activity, and a therapeutic target.
Effect of CR1 Clustering on BCR-Induced Plasmablast Formation and IgM Production.
Furthermore, these cells can convert to a T follicular-helper phenotype upon injection of antigen and induce antibody production, germinal center formation, and the differentiation of B cells in plasmablasts, indicating a role in help to B cells, as previously described for iNKT cells [55].
Figure 1) (12) The bone marrow aspiration & biopsy revealed hypercellularity with partial to almost complete replacement by plasma cells and plasmablasts.
Corcione et al23 demonstrated an expansion of activated switch memory B cells and of IgG-secreting plasmablasts in the synovial fluid from JIA patients.
33-35) Of note, the frequency and absolute number of plasmablasts in patients with SLE correlates with overall disease activity and autoantibody titers.
described elevated levels of circulating IgG4+ plasmablasts, and regarded the levels of such cells as a diagnostic biomarker and reliable indicator of disease activity in IgG4-RD patients.
Antibody-producing plasmablasts levels increased during acute EVD, and measures of EBOV-specific responses suggested polyclonal expansion, including cells with other specificities (9).
Blood smear tests also detected the presence of immature granulocytes and atypical lymphocytes (10%), while the proportion of plasmablasts and proplasmacytes was significantly increased.
Microscopically, they consist of plasmablasts (Figure 7) that have abundant basophilic cytoplasm, eccentrically placed nuclei and occasional perinuclear clearing [60].
It is arranged into cords that surround the medullary sinuses and contains a mixture of small B and T lymphocytes, plasmacytoid lymphocytes, plasmablasts, and mature plasma cells (Figure 1, F).
The characteristic features are interfollicular plasmablasts that express the HHV8 latent nuclear antigen (LANA).
Plasmablasts are large and round, with round nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and small or minimal amounts of cytoplasm.