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a young plant or a small plant

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The system provides power for both irrigation and misting of coffee plantlets in its nursery while using 100 percent recycled effluent from the company's Lipa factory.
However, in the present study, the increase in environmental PPFD did not suppress the requirement for sucrose by the shoots in the culture medium, and plantlet growth did not occur (Figure 1D, E and F).
The root length, root number and relative indicators of plantlet were calculated after 30 days culturing period.
Abdellatef and Khalafalla [2] demonstrated adventitious shoots and complete plantlet formation in G.
Chlorophyll and carotenoid concentrations of sugarcane plantlet leaf varied in response to different spectral light qualities (Figure 2).
Figure 3 shows the total number of shoots produced per treatment, highlighting the treatments that were able to induce multiple plantlet production.
After in vitro cultivation in those different conditions, the plantlets were subjected to acclimatization in polystyrene trays of 128 cells, filled with Plantmax Hortalicas HT (Eucatex[R]), moistened and covered with transparent plastic foil and kept under shade in a greenhouse, with humidity near 100% and a temperature of 27 [+ or -] 3[degrees]C.
Furthermore, to assess the extent of damage caused by thrips feeding, all plantlets at the edge were evaluated during monitoring for the 3 parameters (P) height of the aerial portion, number of leaves per plantlet, and number of roots attached to the host plant (phorophyte) per plantlet.
However the research in this paper observes that an earlier germination and plantlet development because of the absence of time consuming actions of breaking seed dormancy and removing the seed's hard coat.
Abstract: Details of investigation to evaluate the effects of the number of nodes (one two or three) of Sarcocornia fruticosa explants on growth and multiplication rate of plantlets are presented in this paper.
2005); however, ethylene produced by tissue, callus and plantlets in closed vessels may lead to abnormal plantlet growth, hyperhydricity, abnormal branching in vitro, epinasty, leaf and flower bud abscission, diminution of foliar area (Turhan, 2004; Mullins et al.
Each plantlet constituted an experimental unit and the experiments were conducted with 43/44 repetitions per treatment.