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Plant products are devoid of cholesterol and saturated fats, substances that predispose to many chronic diseases.
It will accelerate the pace of commercialization of plant products by allowing plant genomes to be specifically modified and improved with high precision in an efficient and cost effective manner," said Jerry Caulder, chairman and CEO of Akkadix.
Roughly five years ago, in recognition of a greatly increased public interest and commerce in natural foods and remedies, the Health Protection Branch instituted a programme of systematic examination of commercial plant products. At that time, the bureau, in consultation with the regulatory Bureau of Nonprescription Drugs which is charged with responsibility for such products, established a priority-rated list of products for scientific evaluation; priority was accorded on the basis of the estimated popularity of these products as well as the degree of health risk associated with their consumption.
In terms of import, 50.6% of the whole volume of imported goods from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan were mineral products, 16% - animal and plant products.
The EC advised private parties that the specific conditions regarding the movement and importation of plants, plant products and other objects, subject to the plant health provisions of Union law, are regularly updated.
Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Junz Wong has advised the people to comply with the existing Plant Quarantine Regulations to bring in any regulated plant or plant products to Sabah.
QNA Doha The Ministry of Municipality and Environment's (MME) agricultural quarantine offices inspected 5,755 imported shipments, weighing more than 75,935 tonnes, containing different types of agricultural consignments and plant products in November across the different customs points.
6 December 2017 - California, US-based hydroponics equipment and horticultural products manufacturer Hydrofarm, LLC has acquired Eddi's Wholesale Garden Supply and the distribution division of Greenstar Plant Products, two Canadian distributors of lawn and garden, hydroponic and horticulture products, the company said.
Kabil explained that the most important Egyptian goods exported to the market of Rwanda are food products, drinks, tobacco, chemical and plant products, in addition to wood and paper paste, metals, oils, and stones.
Pinol Tuesday ordered the cancellation of all import permits related to meat and plant products to fight against smuggling done through the 'recycling' of such documents.
Tajikistan increased imports of finished food products by 20.1% and reduced imports of plant products in the first quarter of 2014, according to Avesta.
EIII Processing of Perishable Animal and Plant Products (Mixed Products)
Natural Plant Products, Inc (NPP) specializes in the manufacture and distribution of specialty vegetable oils within the personal care and cosmetics industries.
The group's report(1), published last July, states that a revised version of plant health legislation should include better prevention provisions with respect to the import of plants and plant products, better surveillance of harmful organisms in member states and faster emergency action.