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The main subject of the Part 1 Public procurement is the first part of the initial removal of the existing water treatment plant process equipment, ensure the supply and installation of new technological equipment for the operation of water treatment plant, commissioning of water treatment plant with a new technological device, the subsequent dismantling of the second part of the existing technological equipment.
Full integration of business systems and plant process control systems has not been widely implemented, although other industries, such as petrochemicals, are more integrated than forest products.
reducing the effort to maintain and validate plant process models by making it easy to input real plant data
7 million from Luminant for the substitution of the plant process computers (PPC) for the two generating units at latters Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant located near Glen Rose, Texas.
As a first innovation in this new category of instruments, Emerson's CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter delivers continuous actionable information about rotating equipment health directly into plant process control systems and asset management applications.
This new interface to Haverly's Crude Assay Management System makes it easy for our PRO/II users to incorporate the latest and best crude assay information available into their refinery and petrochemical plant process models, thus helping them to further improve plant yields and profitability through our advanced simulation technology.
As emission limits tighten, wastewater treatment plant operators are looking for ways to both improve plant process performance and meet regulatory requirements at the lowest possible cost.