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Plant Process Equipment is designing the plant in modules that will be fabricated offsite and delivered as easily transportable skids, ready for final assembly at the plant location.
The quest to improve plant process performance, increase productivity and lower maintenance and operating costs has prompted many companies to seek new applications and innovative solutions that can result in operational reliability and sustainability, and better process automation results.
According to the NRC, on January 25 the safety parameter display system became unavailable for almost five hours due to the infection, which flooded the network with traffic, and the plant process computer was unavailable for over six hours.
The CR500 batching controller is dedicated to the task of precision multi-weigher and plant process control.
Total plant process control from bulk intake through weighing, mixing, and downstream routing control to finished product storage is provided by Select-O-Weigh 900 computerized system with color graphics.
Full integration of business systems and plant process control systems has not been widely implemented, although other industries, such as petrochemicals, are more integrated than forest products.
The scope of supply on the contract involves a pneumatic batch transfer system and mixer feed system for both carbon black and white fillers; oils weighing and dosing system; polymer weighing and feeding; Select-O-Weigh 1000 plant process control system; and full plant installation and commissioning.
A key component of this commitment is a process hazard analysis for each plant process involving hazardous chemicals.
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