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Thus shortened vegetative growth period as a result of delayed planting could reduce leaf biomass of canola that possibly leads to alteration in the production of carbohydrates in leaves and their translocation to other plant organs.
Mean [+ or -] SD Scirtothrips dorsalis density on different plant organs sampled in Test 2.
The aim of this work is to evaluate the diversity of Dasineura in Brazil, to determine the plant organs where galls are induced, to give an inventory of the host plant species, to verify the species richness by biomes, and to upgrade geographic distribution of the genus.
There was a variation in color between plant organs. Instrumental color evaluation showed that the leaves were greener and darker than the stems.
Net photosynthetic rates of each plant organ at the full flower and the full boll stages are shown in Table 2.
Components of variance df([dagger]) [[Sigma].sup.2] Genotype 19 0.183(**) Genotype x Plant organ 19 0.237(**) Error 76 0.343 (**) Significant at probability level P = 0.01 (F test).
Anatomical and physiological aspects of growth have been described (Alm et al., 1991; Hesketh et al., 1991; Morrison et al., 1994), but few studies have investigated both morphogenesis and extension of individual plant organs.
Parenchyma homogenization may be related to some developmental factors: (1) the overwhelming of gall-inducing stimuli upon the environmental and endogenous signals for cell elongation in the host plant organ; (2) the maintenance of some meristematic sites in gall tissues; and (3) the combination of high hypertrophic and hyperplasic rates all over gall structure.
However, they can also play an important role in molecular signaling during plant organ development (Del Rio & Puppo, 2009), and consequently in gall morphogenesis and physiology (Isaias et al., 2015; Oliveira et al., 2016).
The obtained six transcriptomes [53] showed significant overlap between the whole set of reads of paired libraries (74-77%), and in three libraries for each of the two plants (>80%) (Figure 1), and reflected a number of the known plant organ polarity genes that are being expressed in different tissues of flowering pinesap (Supplementary Table 2).
According to Fishers test (p < 0.05), the values followed by different letters within the same plant organ and metal are significantly different, the values followed by the same letter are not significantly different, and "ab" indicates that there is no difference between values followed by a and b letters.
Canonical rules for plant organ biomass partitioning and growth allocation.