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Synonyms for planning

Synonyms for planning

an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action

the act or process of drawing up plans or layouts for some project or enterprise

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Chapter six, "Disaster Response Planning," defines and articulates the four stages of disaster response for inclusion in an institution's disaster plan: (1) Disaster Forewarning Planning, (2) Immediate Emergency Response Planning, (3) Recovery Strategy Planning (collections and records), and (4) Recovery Strategy Planning (support operations).
FEMA recommends that terrorism response planning include not just city officials and departments, but private volunteer organizations, area hospitals and emergency service agencies, educational administrators, professional organizations, church groups, and amateur radio clubs, said Sacia.
Conal McNamara, planning deputy for 5th District Supervisor Michael D.
They develop highly effective planning processes that create clear expectations roadmaps for meeting them.
The deliberate, logical planning procees begins with having an objective, defining the problem, and gathering relevant facts associated with attaining the objective.
Your employee benefits planning committee will have the task of selecting the investment vehicles your employees will have to choose from.
Often, in health care organizations where strategic planning is undertaken, such planning is narrowly defined.
The adopted Plan should not be treated lightly, since the stated purpose of a Plan is to "serve as a policy to guide subsequent actions by city agencies", and the City Planning Commission is required to "consider pertinent adopted plans in its review of.
Let's begin by getting a clear idea of what strategic planning should be all about.
There has been quite a bit of discussion in the financial planning community on the advantages of a Sec.
In this regard, we recommend that the plans be revised to include a preamble that encourages the audit team to invite the taxpayer to actively participate in planning the audit of research tax credit issues.
The inability to predict upcoming staff vacancies greatly thwarts the planning process in police agencies.
Some employers have begun special newsletters on investments, outlining investment strategies, suggestions for retirement planning, and descriptions of the types of plans and funds available.