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a notebook for recording appointments and things to be done, etc

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One planner is a small Moleskine one for her purse.
So if the planner is used on Thursday, April 27, and it's not used again until Wednesday, May 3, then there's no blank time between those dates.
Brown, a financial planner in Newport News, Virginia, and says he was "immediately impressed with her presentation and the way she thoroughly went over the entire financial planning process.
Vital material is offered for use exclusively by these member groups and affords the CPA financial planner access to a wealth of online content and personal financial planning knowledge.
Although the planner in the mine sits in front of a computer console and can study simulated blast patterns, it is meaningless unless the person knows what it all means to their bottom line.
Interestingly, each of these financial planners talked to me about joining their company and helping me get the necessary education and credentials to function as a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner.
Last summer, Congress enacted the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA), which gave financial planners several new options and possibilities to consider for their clients.
One of its biggest problems - and singling out faults here is like shooting fish in a barrel - is the fact that the wedding planner herself, ineptly played by Jennifer Lopez, is an unsympathetic character.
Half a century later city planners, like jungle explorers lost in the undergrowth, hack their way through the urban fabric armed with inadequate methods of prognosis, graphs and bar charts.
Ideally, a professional designer/space planner should be selected on the earliest possible timing.
NEW YORK -- Podtrac, the leader in connecting podcasters and advertisers, today announced the Podtrac Media Planner, a new online service which demystifies advertising in podcasts and serial video clips by enabling the advertising industry to easily learn about audio and video podcasts, view demographics and reach, and sample more than 4000 audio and video podcasts including all of the top-ranked podcasts and serial video clips on iTunes.
There's a good reason to check out a financial planner before you sign on for his or her services.
To further assist the CPA financial planner, the AICPA developed the Web-based Personal Financial Planning Competency Model Self-Assessment Tool to help CPAs identify the skills they require, compare what they know with benchmarks and prepare an action plan for career and personal advancement.
LANCASTER - Brian Ludicke, a longtime city planner who grew up in Lancaster, has been named the city's director of community development.
Software Planner's Enterprise edition now provides a programmable API for synchronizing data between Software Planner and other systems.