planing machine

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a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood


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Parameter Designation Value Cutting power on the sawing P1 14.950 kW machine motor shaft Cutting power on the motor P2H 5.497 kW shafts of the horizontal spindles of the planing machine Cutting power on the motor P2 V 1.364 kW shafts of the vertical spindles of the planing machine Theoretical surface irregularity Rz 0.00533 mm during ripping Theoretical surface irregularity f 0.00109 mm during planing Unit processing time for ripping tw1 0.237 min Unit processing time for planing tw2 0.107 min Cost of direct labor Kw 0.1011 mu Cost of electrical energy Ke 0.00846 mu
James was hurt back in 1960 while working a planing machine but his bid for damages at the time failed.
James Briggs, of Newton Grange, East Lothian, lost the digits while using a planing machine in 1960, but was told he couldn't get compensation.
The eight-foot-tall stranger had rough, dark skin, covered with curls that looked almost like the long wood curls left by the mill's planing machine.
PLANING MACHINE Left angle Right angle Mean [[degrees]] [[degrees]] [[degrees]] 1 117 94 105,5 2 103 98 100,5 3 86 90 88 4 87 92 89,5 5 90 101 95,5 6 85 59 72 7 94 81 87,5 8 94 96 95 9 87 92 89,5 10 97 100 98,5 No.
Sparks from a planing machine which developed a fault set fire to sawdust in ducting at 11.50am yesterday .
It is developed on the basis of a technologically outdated industrial planing machine, which was redesigned for the purpose of the technological project "Intelligent Monitoring of a Machine Tool Main Spindle".