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a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure

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Planimetric mapping creates a two-dimensional representation of man-made and natural features and can be used for various applications, including impervious surfaces, according to Ayres.
We know the planimetric method is not affected by flow rate (4); thus, it is more useful than gradient- and velocity-based classifications, especially in situations such as these.
For the RAP NRTK solution, the mean planimetric precision is around a centimeter, as well as considering the ERGNSS solution.
This imagery revolutionized small scale planimetric mapping and a number of new minor features were identified.
The planimetric analysis of the wound recovery percentage was carried out at 3rd, 10th, and 14th day after beginning of curing.
Quantitive planimetric analyses of TUNEL positive cells confirm a significant reduction of cell death after Baicalein pretreatment (Baicalein versus control by -64.8%, ***p = 0.0007; Baicalein versus vehicle DMSO by -54.1%, *p = 0.0471) (d).
Subsequently using planimetric techniques to measure the distances and areas: (1) thickness: from the fat-muscle interface to the muscle-muscle interface or from the fat-muscle interface to the bony surface [12] forming a horizontal straight line and (2) outlining manually the area of the RF (Figure 3).
The fundus images of 3,038 cases were assessed by planimetric measurements using 45[degrees] photographs.
These high-resolution images are accurately georeferenced and provided in geographic information system (GIS) compatible formats to produce detailed base mapping, image classification, and planimetric measurements.
Nadia Chodasiewicz-Grabowska (Nadia Leger), Kompozycja planimetryczna-Waza (Planimetric composition--vase) (c.
Measurement of the wound surface area (planimetric study) in the process of wound healing was performed using digital macro photography on Days 1,3, 7, 14, and 21 after wounding.
The planimetric data (e.g., roads, buildings, parcels, and bridges) that each department uses was available from the Gordon County GIS Department.
Planimetric studies of aortal wall and histopathological studies of heart, aorta, kidney, and liver were studied as supporting parameters to correlate with altered conditions.
The inclusion of other disease indicators, such as gingivitis, probing depth, or attachment loss, would be a useful addition to the study, although this would undoubtedly affect patient recruitment and such studies are not novel without the inclusion of planimetric plaque assessment methods, such as QLF.