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a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure

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SigmaScan/IMAGE replaces rulers, protractors, and planimeters with a simple, easy-to-use software package.
It covers the following services - The provision, installation, maintenance, maintenance and operation of passenger shelters and planimeters necessary for the town of Saint-Dizier,- Maintenance of the existing fleet of stop poles owned by the city (41 units) and the provision, installation and maintenance, maintenance of new stop poles,- The contractor is authorized to implement the street furniture and must maintain it.
pse 1 - lot 1 supply and installation of 10 planimeters equipped with an integrated wireless transmitter (the other 12 remaining free wifi transmitter).
Lot # 4 Installation, provision, care and maintenance 15 planimeters advertising supporting the commercial advertising for a period of 9 years.
Provision, installation, maintenance and servicing of planimeters and provision of printable surfaces- Printing and putting up posters monthly- Provision, installation, maintenance and servicing of light information panels- Provision and installation of street litter bins.