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a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure

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Planimeters use a tracing point to trace the boundaries of a figure to determine areas and linear footage of construction quantities.
the services of moving urban furniture in the course of execution / the maintenance and the maintenance of the furniture / the realization and the installation of municipal information, town plans, and posters / the removal of the furniture at the end contract with restoration of the public domain and concern the following furniture: - 16 double-sided planimeters (advertising / city communication), - 13 double-sided planimeters lit exclusively for the city, - 3 panels double sides of free display.
The holder will install 12 planimeters of 2 m 2 approximately.
Exploitation of the advertising inserted in marquees, Planimeters, Opis and other information-advertising elements in the municipality of calvi, As well as their maintenance, Cleaning and replacement of said elements.
Contract notice: Provision, Installation, Maintenance and advertising of street furniture such as planimeters and passenger shelters and commercial signage.
The planner will install 12 planimeters of about 2 m 2 .