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any of numerous small celestial bodies that move around the sun

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"We can learn from it what happened in the very beginning of the solar system: When you had sort of a stellar cloud that collapsed, when minerals started to form, when planetoids started to form for the very first time.
Planetoid looks feasibly treated on his return to all-weather racing and a bold bid looks assured.
Planetoid looks feasibly treated on his return to allweather racing and a bold bid looks assured.
(7) Because gauna have no particular qualities, but rather any quality required in the moment--we see them in all sorts of forms, from fungoid to planetoid, from crustacean to cetacean--they represent a kind of life that is at once infinite in possibility, but (humanly speaking) empty (Fig.
The BHA has pledged to hold a probe, just as they did when McCoy deputised for Mattie Batchelor -- stricken with a puncture (and no spare) just outside Wincanton -- when Best's Planetoid landed a punt at Newton Abbot in June last year.
Music Gaddamn Draculas, Planetoid, Pale Nephews, 9 p.m.
The crew of an intergalactic space tug intercept an SOS call from an alien planetoid but when they check it out one of them is attacked by an organism that attaches to his face.
Astronomers spotted icy rings encircling the planetoid Chariklo, a 250-kilometerwide hunk of ice and rock that orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus.
Seismic data indicate that the western and eastern hemispheres of Earth's inner core differ, and this has led some to suggest that the core was once subjected to an impulse - presumably from the collision of a space rock or planetoid which shook the whole Earth.
Along with Amy and Rory, he's dispatched to a planetoid asylum where "a tsunami of insane Daleks" lies in wait - barely dormant, itching to kill.
KEMPTON: 6.20 Jonnie Skull, 6.50 Waterford Star, 7.20 Snowboarder, 7.50 Athenian, 8.20 Chelwood Gate, 8.50 Planetoid, 9.20 Ezdeyaad.
Smaller asteroids would be shattered by explosions set off on a planetoid's surface, while the flight path of larger asteroids could be shifted with nuclear detonations adjacent to them, Degtyar said.
In contrast, the United States has fielded scores of more economical robotic spaceflight missions, including orbiters and probes of the moon, sun, various asteroids and comets, all of the major planets in our solar system (even including a mission to the planetoid Pluto, expected to arrive in 2015), and beyond; moreover, it has established a complex Global Positioning System, an impressive array of sophisticated space telescopes, and more.
Two other trees serve as sacred axis mundis for the Na'vi, a Tree of Voices, in whose shelter they can listen to their departed ancestors, and the Tree of Souls, that amounts to something like the primary hub coordinating and concentrating the biology of the planetoid's supra-consciousness called "Eywa." (9)
The plot involves a spaceship crew that crashes on a hostile "planetoid" and must make its way to safety on the "Spidertron Waystation."