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Planetoid looks feasibly treated on his return to all-weather racing and a bold bid looks assured.
Historically the terms planetoid, minor planet and asteroid were interchangeable, but as astronomers learn more about the solar system, they've had to adapt their definitions (see also: Pluto).
Along with Amy and Rory, he's dispatched to a planetoid asylum where "a tsunami of insane Daleks" lies in wait - barely dormant, itching to kill.
In contrast, the United States has fielded scores of more economical robotic spaceflight missions, including orbiters and probes of the moon, sun, various asteroids and comets, all of the major planets in our solar system (even including a mission to the planetoid Pluto, expected to arrive in 2015), and beyond; moreover, it has established a complex Global Positioning System, an impressive array of sophisticated space telescopes, and more.
Mario may be running around all sides of an intricately twisted planetoid, for instance, or have to pull switches that shift gravitational fields to arrive at his destination.
The planetoid Sedna, named for the goddess featured prominently in the book issuing warnings about global warming, is one of the coldest bodies in the Solar System.
Their rearticulation of the Death Star is both metaphor and reverberation, as the planetoid stands in for America and transforms their world into its metal fantasy and back again.
Top left, Hubble Space Telescope image of the newly discovered planetoid Sedna.
Brown is an associate professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology who headed up the team credited with finding a planetoid located three times farther from the sun than Pluto--the farthest object within our solar svstem that has ever been discovered.
Accidentally launched by two gigantic flywheels, the thirty-seven inhabitants of the brick moon communicated with Earth by dancing on their little planetoid in Morse Code.
It explored everything from mining a planetoid for raw materials, to robotic automation, to nanotechnology.
One such page entitled "Matt's Blackholes" hypnotizes the viewer with a striking blinking star background superimposed with colorful planetoid images and a futuristic space ship.
Recently, astronomers reported the surprising discovery of a very large diameter Kuiper Belt planetoid -- (90377) Sedna -- on a distant, 12,500-year-long, eccentric orbit centered approximately 500 astronomical units from the Sun.
Its unique planetoid level designs redefined what it meant to be a 3D platformer.