planetary gear

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an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic train

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Caption: A new frequency-domain method in RomaxDesigner R17 for simulating sideband noise in planetary gears helps in evaluating rotating gear mesh forces in a planetary gear system, component rotation on the full system vibration response and manufacturing variability.
The tape synthesis identifies 4 useful mechanism structures of the geared linkages with linear actuation and parallel connected chain and classifies them in two types: planetary geared linkages (Asi) and cycloid geared linkages (Zsi).
Planetary gear set has two engagements including the engagement of sun-planet gear meshing (external-external gears) and the engagement of the ring-planet gear meshing (extern-internal gearing) [16, 17].
To designers of RV reducer, the prediction of natural frequencies and vibration modes allows them to choose appropriate parameters and avoid resonance conditions when designing this planetary gear system.
Although the references available focused on different fields, most of them established mathematical model of one-stage planetary gear train.
The completion of the Planetary Gear line of torque multipliers is a cause for celebration at Pro Torque Tools, where customers can now find solutions for any high torque problem.
VOITH has received a major order for the delivery of 60 variable-speed planetary gears type "Vorecon." The Vorecons will enter service in offshore production on the oil fields on the huge pre-salt cluster in the Atlantic approximately 300 km outside Rio de Janeiro.
The system takes advantage of the metering and mixing capacity of the planetary gear pump.
The planetary gear installation kit produced by the renowned transmission specialist IMS Gear is thus expanding the possible applications for Buhler's products.
The maker has expertise in designing and producing planetary gear reducers that meet ISO9001 standards for CNC (computerized numerically controlled) machine tools, supplying mainly precision planetary gear reducers, various sizes of gears, spur gears, helical gears, worms and worm gears.
Nidec Copal has expanded its 0.630" (16 mm) 0D brush and brushless DC gear motor product lines with the next generation MG16B (brush) and LB16MG (brushless) metal planetary gear motor series.
Available in 1-6 inches, the ball valve boasts a two-step planetary gear system to ensure smooth opening and closing.
The planetary gear quality is directly influenced by variation of sounds and vibrations between maximum and minimum values; in turn these factors are influenced by various generating noise sources.
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