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an outer gear that revolves about a central sun gear of an epicyclic train

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At first glance, the construction of the BHS power distribution gear is very similar to that of a standard epicyclic gear: Three planet gears are arrayed around a central sun pinion.
Improved design variants for the rim thickness of the ring gear and for the internal diameters of the planet gears were found.
The planet gear pin has now made one revolution in a clockwise direction as required, but the fixed gear has also been rotated the same amount.
When this fixed sun gear revolves, it turns the planet gears to create motion and/or power.
Each planet gear mesh theoretically carries one third of the resultant system forces, yielding a zero load on the motor pinion.
The GPX 22LN has special plastic planet gears in the input stage that reduce operating noise, which mainly occurs in the input stage, by about 5 dBA.
This is a torque converter unit with three planet gears, two clutches and three brakes, making it smaller, more compact and lighter than others.
The company attributes its revenue growth to rising orders for continuous variable transmission (CVT) planet gears from the customer Punch.
After leaving Kango Hammers, he went to Planet Gears until his retirement in 1995.
Precision honing of the sun and planet gears produces high efficiency with a backlash of less than 8 arc minutes and exact ratios of 3:1 to 64:1.
This compact differential consists of three elements which are mechanically connected by the sun and planet gears.
Additional features include steel gears hardened to HRC 56 minimum for long life, lifetime lubrication designed to reduce downtime, lightweight anodized aluminum housing, stainless steel output shafts with heavy-duty tapered roller bearing, needle bearings on planet gears and easy mounting with the "RediMount" motor mounting system.
The planet gears on those boxes kept burning up," says Tim Gifford, maintenance supervisor.