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an angle formed by two straight lines (in the same plane)

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In this study SNB, FMA, Basal Plane Angle, L1 to MP showed a difference between dolphin and OneCeph.
The increase of MP-SN and ANSMe /N-Me is statistically significant, which indicates that the mandibular plane angle increases with the anterior and inferior hyperextension and the mandibular rotation occurs clockwise, which should be the result of the synergistic effect and growth and development.
U1 to Palatal plane angle: It is the inferior inside angle formed between the long axis of the upper incisors and palatal plane (formed by line joining the anterior nasal spine and posterior nasal spine)
In the numerical simulation, the number of microcracks is the highest when the bedding plane angle is at 45 degrees due to the setting cohesive force between particle balls and the friction factor between bedding plane surfaces.
Co-relation between ANB angle, wits value and SN plane angle. Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal 2009; 29(2): 287-89.
where [phi] is the azimuthal angle of produced particle, [[PSI].sub.r] is called the reaction plane angle, and the Fourier coefficients [v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], and so on are called flow coefficients [60].
The angles to be analyzed were: the nasolabial angle, formed by the nose columnela and the nasolabial projection; the interincisal angle conformed by the upper and lower incisors; the mentolabial groove depth, that gave the length of depth between the lower lip and the chin; and the mandibular plane angle, which divide the sample, due to its degree of divergence with Frankfort's plane, into brachycephalic ([greater than or equal to] 25[degrees]), mesocephalic ([greater than or equal to] 30[degrees]) and dolichocephalic ([greater than or equal to] 35[degrees]) (Fig.
Bionator restrains the physiological counterclockwise growth rotation of palatal plane, and it produced a relative opening of mandibular plane angle relative to Frankfort plane so that at the end, the overall increase in Lafh (Malta, Baccetti, Franchi, Faltin, & McNamara, 2010).
OSA subjects had deeper palatal vault, steeper mandibular plane angle and less spaced upper and lower arches compared to control.
In addition the anterior facial height increased by 1.1 mm and the mandibular plane angle was increased by 2.5 degree.
Once this occurred, the increase of the plane angle was stopped, and the angle was recorded.
At this point, the L1-mandibular plane angle seemed to increase due to the change in reference line, because the mandibular plane angle was defined by the position of Go and Pog, and Pog was moved both anteriorly and superiorly by genioplasty.
The principal values of permeability in maximum and minimum in a rock sample with joint plane angle being 15[degrees] are listed in Table 2.