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Synonyms for plait

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and then pressing or stitching into shape

make by braiding or interlacing


weave into plaits

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References in classic literature ?
He rode, not a mule, like his companion, but a strong hackney for the road, to save his gallant war-horse, which a squire led behind, fully accoutred for battle, with a chamfrom or plaited head-piece upon his bead, having a short spike projecting from the front.
HAIR WE GO: Tasha gets to work on Mirrorman Tom; DO THE STRAND: Hair is plaited to back of head; ROOT TO PAIN: Tasha pulls each of plaits tightly; NEW IMAGE: Tom comes out looking like Beckham
If you loved last season's plaits, you'll go mad for the latest bohemian style inspired by Frida, the film based on the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, played by Salma Hayek (below).
Whether it is full-head, half-head, single plaits or french plaits, it seems the craze is here to stay.
He had large, dark eyes, a big nose and distinctive hair, with short beaded plaits at the front and longer plaits at the back.
Olivia, of Alkrington, Gtr Manchester, got the plaits on holiday.
"Once plaited I'll then pull them back before dressing the rest of the hair around the plaits so that they're invisible."
Before going to bed, part hair to one side and plait into a few chunky plaits.
French plaits are a lot harder to do on yourself, especially tight ones, so I would suggest you visit your salon if you're wanting something eye-catching for a night out.
They flatter most face shapes and can be combined with curls and plaits to create a statement look.
Celebrity stylist Lee Stafford loves single fat braids or fishtail plaits, as seen on actress Rachel McAdams.
Luckily, plaits work best on unwashed hair, so are the ideal way to dress hair for festival days two and three when your hair is looking a little flat or greasy.
Models at the Alexander Wang show had thick, long messy plaits, while at the Gimabattista Valli's they wore high plaits at the crown.