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someone who plaits (hair or fabric etc

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Even hardened collectors have puzzled over what a "Wanzer Plaiter" is and what it does.
The Plaiter group is installed at final part of the fabric transport tube, consists of a duly shaped cone, which is moved orthogonally to the direction of the fabric.
The unit can be equipped with all possible features such as high speed gluing, drying and cutting device; non-stop rolling up unit, precision plaiter, packing machine and even the latest development RUBBER sanforizer suitable for any kind of pure viscose fabric.
Fabric speeds, nozzle pressure and plaiter are all automatically synchronized and a new 'smart dose' system has been developed for significant improvements on levelness and dosing tones.
Heavy duty MS fabricated wide screen inspection machine with reverse forward system equipped with plaiter and control panel available in different dimensions.
PLAITER: Can be chosen from three versions: reel type for small wavy folds lever type for long flat folds and multifunction lever type for both long flat and small wavy folds.
Fabric exit options can be manufactured as plaiter exit rollup and batcher alternatives or combination of these three options together.
The fabric exit options can be manufactured and supplied as plaiter, exit roll-up and batcher alternatives or combination of these three options together.